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download : Deer Hunter 4 African Safari game for nokia

Deer Hunter African Safari lets you experience an African Safari adventure from the safety of your mobile phone. Travel from the deserts of Namibia, the savannah of Tanzania and the South African bushlands to Cameroon rainforests and Ethiopian mountains.

Bag the famed African animals: Lion, Buffalo, Kudu, and even the mighty Rhinoceros! Use varied weapons and equipment to track and bag your prey. Progress through your difficulty levels and five varied locations to complete the game, purchase items to assist you during hunting, and unlock the most valued achievements.

There are two game modes: Safari and Quick Hunt. Safari mode allows you to hunt over a series of hunting days in each country available, starting from Namibia. This mode is used to unlock new locations and difficulty levels. To beat the Safari, you must achieve a target score for each day. You are limited to 5 trophies per hunting day, and finding the best animals and using weapons that bring good bonuses is the key to success.

download : Shikari Shambu SwingCredible game for nokia

Tap to jump off the rope and try to land on the center of the tower to score a perfect landing and maximum points. There are two game modes: Campaign and Arcade. In Campaign mode cross 8 towers to pass the level. In Arcade mode score as many points as possible. Collect 20 stars to win an extra life.

The game is not as simple as it looks. There are many obstacles in your way to win a level. Red stone will block player's swing thrice. Player will skid if he lands on oil. Player will lose a life if he lands on fire. Shikari Shambu: Swingcredible is developed by Synqua Games.

To maintain the perception of a courageous hunter, Shikari Shambu has agreed to help rescue the wulaku tribe's scared animal that has wandered off into the wilderness. The path is filled with treacherous elements and swinging from tower to tower is the only way to get there. Not only is his reputation at stake, but it's the wulaku tribal custom of shaving off the moustache on a failed mission. And the journey begins for Shambu..

download : UFO 2012 game for nokia

A mysterious organization suggested a former mercenary an absurd at first glance mission: to assemble a team of fighters to kill aliens in one of the remotest villages, who would have thought that agreeing to the terms of the mysterious Organization intermediary - Smith, he played a key role in the fate of mankind.

The village has been under close attention of Aliens. However, as you already know, UFOs observations have become more frequent throughout the world recently.

According to rumor, something incredible is happening now in this village. I am going there to see everything with my own eyes.. Get ready. Learn Alien technology and earn achievements for getting access to the new types of weapons. UFO 2012 game is developed by Axetta and published by DaSuppaPublisher.

UFO 2012 is a Java game for Symbian^3 mobiles such as Nokia N8 and Symbian S605th touch screen mobiles such as Nokia X6, N97, N97 Mini, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 5230, 5233 and 5235.